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Samantha Bevins

Today's the first day after our death class ended and we're all psychotically texting each other on groupme nonstop. We have closure issues. I love you all….mostly. but as the semester is coming to an end, I wanted to simply thank everyone who I’ve encountered this semester who has helped me grow. Mainly this will be everyone in my death class, BUT there are a few others who have helped me out in the best of ways. So as a little reminder to all those who are celebrating the ends of their semesters: why were you not celebrating the semester as it happened? Life is a beautiful gift and though there are plenty of moments when it seems too hard to bare, you're gift in that moment is that you are there to experience it and it will strengthen you and educate you in the end. Death comes at all stages in life, do not fear it. Do not spend your life running from it. Embrace it and educate yourself on it. Once that education is present, death is no longer an entity to fear. It is a simple reminder that you should live every last moment like it may be your last (how cliché, I know). But that doesn't mean you have to go out and save the world every day. you can spend the day watching Netflix and as long as you're enjoying those moments and really appreciating that you have the ability to take time off for yourself when you feel stressed, then you're making it count right then and there. I feel like I could go on for hours and hours about all of this. But to keep it "short and sweet, like me" I just wanted to thank Norma Bowe. For challenging myself and all of the class, for pushing us past our limits every week, and having the class help us pick ourselves back up. None of us are good at closure. But thanks to you Norma we're all a little stronger, and our support systems just got a heck of a lot bigger and better. So yes, I will fall down plenty more times this year and all those that follow, but I'm a little better at picking myself up now. And a little better and forgiving myself. And a little better at appreciating those still in my life, rather than always being sad about those who have left. And I want more extra credit because I'm now crying whilst typing this LOL okay I'm going to shut up now. If anyone actually made it this far in reading this, enjoy the snow today and finish off your semesters with a bang! Then go to wherever you call home, and hug everyone you see. And cry if you want, because it only helps your immune systems.
Samantha Bevins

normalynnbowe @KeanUniversity faculty member Sharon McKensie took this photo on campus. #kean #spring #beautifulcampus