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Lindsay Zaccardi

This past Friday I received the most touching award I could ever achieve. I was awarded for changing lives. For the countless times feeding the homeless, starting the fundraiser for Siri and the time spent in Newark playing with the kids of south 14th street. Between the smiles that people gave me, the wheelchair ramp that will be made for Siri, the laughter of the kids and just knowing that at least some of the homeless people at the Newark Penn station will go to bed with food in there belly is more than enough for me to be happy and humble- I don't need an award for being a good person. Thank you for teaching me your ways, Dr. Bowe. You're an inspiration and I hope to inspire others and follow in your footsteps. Thank you for changing my life.
Lindsay Zaccardi

normalynnbowe @KeanUniversity faculty member Sharon McKensie took this photo on campus. #kean #spring #beautifulcampus