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Tara McDermott

Hi Dr. Bowe!

I miss death in perspective so much already! I had something pretty awesome things happen to me yesterday and I really wanted to share it with you.

I was out to lunch and on the way back I decided I was going to stop at the cemetery where my dad's ashes are kept. I haven't been in a couple months and being so close to Christmas I wanted to go and just talk. I sat and talked out loud and cried about how much I miss him and love him. I talked about how much death in perspective helped me grieve. I talked about my life. Pretty much everything. When I was done I sat there just hoping for a sign that he'd heard me. I didn't notice anything, so I left and forgot about it while I ran errands.

A few hours later I get home and I get the mail and in the mail is a single envelope addressed to my dad. We almost never get mail addressed to him anymore. My mom opens the envelope and inside is a check made out to my dad, for 2 cents. It was the weirdest thing. Mail for my dad, let alone a check written out to him for 2 cents. I have to believe that it was his way of showing me he had heard me and he was giving me his "two-cents" about my life and everything going on. 

It was extremely comforting and just a cool thing so I felt like I wanted to share.

Thank you for everything this semester. Death in perspective helped me fix parts of me I didn't even know were broken. Thank you for giving us a safe space to share our stories. I couldn't be more grateful I got to be in your class.

Have a happy holiday!


Tara McDermott

normalynnbowe @KeanUniversity faculty member Sharon McKensie took this photo on campus. #kean #spring #beautifulcampus