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Gabrielle Rose

Yesterday was my last death in perspective class, and saying that I will miss being in that class every Monday would be an understatement. In these short 4 months, I have learned more about myself and others than I ever thought possible. I learned that not everyone is who they seem to be on the outside. I learned that life is SO unbelievably precious and should never be taken for granted. And I learned the importance of letting go, for it is essential to moving on and growing. This class will forever be a part of who I am, & words cannot ever express what you all have done for me. I am beyond blessed to have had this opportunity. Somewhere in between class talks, CRAZY field trips, and ridiculous ADHD moments, we have all become each other's confidants, friends, and family. From the bottom of my heart, I mean it when I say that I wouldn't trade what I experienced this semester, with these extraordinary people for the world.
Gabrielle Rose

normalynnbowe @KeanUniversity faculty member Sharon McKensie took this photo on campus. #kean #spring #beautifulcampus